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Saturday 23st, December 7:1:0 Am
I the fuck tumblr
47 years woman, Goat-Horned
Fontana, USA
Ukrainian(Beginner), Spanish(Starter), Korean(Advanced)
Optician, Supervisor, Bartender
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Sex Woman
Children 4
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Education Higher education
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Fuck I just want to get any sense of pride or ego stripped from me. I want to feel inferior and get taken in so many brutal ways I miss being a worthless whore.

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Verse 1 G-Eazy] Cause I'm in love with these Tumblr girls, with skinny waists and drug habits Pretty faces love status, she acts as if. I’m so glad I found this again. This video is the reason I made an omorashi blog. Check out our tumblr fuck shirt selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.

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Some fucked up ideas, kinks, fetishes, dreams, experiences in mostly original Femdom captions. Hetero monogamous bottom male I choose to submit. There's a lot more to me than kinks.

Plz see my bdsmlr w the same name. Thx to those here those + bdsmlr followers who have helped make these blogs what they are, inspired me, those who have come here to support me. Gijinka valentines reddit tumblr socialmedia socialmediapersonified shipping.

I hate and love these two sites simultaneously so uhhh i'm using valentines as an excuse to draw tasteless cheesy art of them together. The Best Of Tumblr Finger Puppets Look Weird. Awesome Pet Owners Are Awesome.

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Full video is fucking ridiculous! She asked me am I recording but didnt really give a fuck started walking hard ass ever! This was dropped to me in my DM, I don’t know who the original OP is but damn thank you. Yura is gonna go fuck up Sanya huh yeah isnt he something really bad is gonna happen to her and guess who's fault it will be?

And then she's probably gonna go blame herself. And I'm gonna tape his sexy ass face to a motherfucking watermelon and beat that watermelon with Yura's pretty face on it with my motherfucking wii balance board. Then I will become a Yuraphobe. Something bad is gonna happen to Sanya though. Don’t fuck with me, or my story.

I really like this and remember writing about this one time in one my late night notepad ramblings. I wrote something like "what happens when you realise you are the villain the cold, the twisted, the mean. Do you fall in love with the hero?

I don't need you to justify my actions. I don't need you to make my murder plans sound like maple syrup on the tongue. I am the villain of this story, but I have to be. People say that life isn't like a movie becauso only there the good guys win and get the girls etc.

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He doesn’t give a shit about anybody else. Point being, mickey ain’t going anywhere. He sure as hell isn’t letting ian go anywhere, not over something as stupid as this. They’re together, they’re family. Whether the fucking universe says so or not.

Ian nods, eyes still a little hooded and glazed, and plays with the hair on the nape of mickey’s neck. He doesn’t say that he loves mickey, too, but mickey doesn’t mind. That’s now boldly on mickey’s chest, and the M.M. On his own, he lets out a laugh so bright and loud that mickey distantly wonders if carl heard it. But then ian is grabbing him by the waist and flipping them over, and mickey can’t think of anything other than the fact that. What the fuck is a girly drink how do drinks have a gender a dude ain't got fucked up taste buds to know beer is nasty and whipped cream tastes fuckin fad darthint Not to fucking mention those "girly drinks' tend to be like five fucking alcohols mixed together to make one drink like what the fuck bro I get more alcohol.

Content by eating the fucking fruit off my tiny plastic sword then I would out of most of your "manly" ass beers Me yeah i never got this. Sure, dude, lemme just be "girly" over here with my tray of double-shots of vodka while you sip a can o. Feb - Explore imalyssatan's board "hOlY cows" on Pinterest.

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restaurante-tagoror.com is the leading csgo site in the world, featuring news, demos, pictures, statistics, on-site coverage and much much more. The number one stop for men's haircuts.

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All fanart drarry dramione marauders femslash scorbus canon ships other fanon ships solos triads FAQ main blog. Listen to fuck me SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create. Stream Tracks and Playlists from fuck me on your desktop or mobile device. I don't enjoy chat much, but I try to be fun to follow!

If you're into incest or young girls, even as a fantasy, leave me the fuck alone and don't follow me. Daddy is a title, not an incest thing. Send on venmo for me zapmybrainrestaurante-tagoror.com if you'd like a few special pics, just put "treats" in the reason area, nothing sexual. Please do not distribute the pics. Thanks for stopping by and making it this far.

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She fuck me and tell me I'm lucky,, Girl, I just need somebody to love me, like oh my God! I can't fuck with you no more, and sometimes I think I'm better off alone,, I can't fuck with you no more, 'cause there you were to tell me that I'm wrong. Check if restaurante-tagoror.com is down or having other problems.

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Idk-at-this-point reblogged this from dahniwitchoflight. Vreblogged this from dahniwitchoflight. A-symphony-of-stars liked this. You got to develop thick skin, brothick fucking skin.

You have to also believe in yourself when nobody else does, because it's going to happen. Anybody who's been successful has had to deal with the fucking haters. It could be in your own house, it could be somebody out on the street, it could be your boy.

What you have to do is just concentrate on what fucking matters.

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Motherfuckers better know huh, huh. Lock your windows, close your doors. My man Inf left a Tec and a nine at my crib Turned himself in, he had to do a bid. Fuck the obnoxious colored haired feminazis who are obsessed with banning hit, against men finding an outlet to satisfy themselves without getting metood, or incels who have exuberant amounts of money theyd like to spend willingly.

Fuking bitches thats all that needs to be discussed. They know their smv is fucked after they come. Reactions Oogabooga, Blackguard and Amiya.

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Lmao dumbass thought pokkle was gonna live lmaoooo bitch really thought the cat girl is gunna be good he really had it in his head these kids are gonna be happy what a stupid fuck i KNOW im stupid. Ur all gonna laugh at me for that? What if its a FAKE like what the phantom troupe did? Am i onto something or am i being your regularly scheduled clown show once again? Please hxh gods hear my prayers just this once. Don't mind me, I'm out here doing god's work.

Tumblr archeologist main willowchild. Eventually, even Misha is like, Yeah, this is fucking weird. What the fuck are you guys doing. Suddenly, you notice that your dash is starting to thin out, slowly, one by one. There’s a hypothetical tumbleweed bouncing across your dash by that night. Anyone who tried to blacklist the Mishapocalypse suddenly found that their dashboard was sent into the shadow realm.

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This episode an instant classic. Do me a favor and repost that video in the expert opinion thread though Jeromeallentown. Thepastjustmakesyoustronger reblogged this from likeafgirl. Likeafgirl reblogged this from the-best-of-me. The-best-of-me reblogged this from carlasenra7-official. Unfinit-e reblogged this from zoiodlula.

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I’m writing and i needed a word for this thing you do with a football and i was like how the fuck do you say that in english, so looks up translation from native language in which i know the term nothing. Googles football terms nothing. Googles to hit a football repeatedly gets a result. All that for juggling IT’s juggling OMG. Their name is 3 letters, why would they need a nickname Age.

Bisexual w a preference for masculine women. Aw fuck I can’t believe you’ve done this. Source hilarioushumorfromouterspace.

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Why the fuck is the real world getting more and more like black mirror every day! Fuck,I had no idea James was in this. And I even remember thinking how cute the cop was via ransonepj. Wasn’t expecting that at all lol, that got me good. Share Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Email Link. Beaniebaneenie taekotanaka b4bysitter shout out to ace and aro kids who are constantly bombarded with the opinion that sex and romantic love are directly connected to living a happy.

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Winry’s extended family being like what the fuck are fuhrer mustang and emperor ling yao doing at winry’s wedding! Why are there members of the armstrong family here? Until they see ed and go hmm apparently not and they spend the whole time coming up with different explanations for why two of the world’s leaders. And a family of aristocrats are at a wedding between two farmers. Ed Ling is here for food and Fuhrer Mustang is here to collect cenz I borrowed. No non no no nononononononono.

You stop that you furry ragdoll how fucking dare you. You ar ethe cutest sonofabitch no wonder koujaku is always fucking holding you goddamn fuck me in the weiner slot. [whimpers] how dar eyou fucking resist me and my fruity charm just because IM a huge fucking tool?

You put those ears back up you crispy blue sausage! Give me some bleepin sugar I am your neighbor look how goddamn short your fucking puppy arms are shit theyre actually the size of my super dong.

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Toby How the fuck did you say that with your mouth. This is my last two brain cells ttyjng to function. I’ve been getting progressively angrier about the ableism in Warriors, and after doing my fair share of scrolling through blogs this morning, I’m here to support the following Longtail becoming deputy instead of Greystripe, and keeping his position after being blinded.

Deadfoot lives and becomes leader of WindClan. We will send out email notices to members of the Tumblr community whose content has been flagged as adult. If your post has been flagged as adult, it will be reverted to a private setting viewable only by you.

If you want to learn more about how to see those posts, see this help article. As always, please make sure the email associated with your Tumblr account is one you use regularly. It’s how we get in touch when we need you! My content was flagged as adult, but I don't think it should be. If you feel that we have categorized your post incorrectly, you can appeal this.

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Daddyswhores Beg you fucking bitch! Aww such a cute pup, she even said please. And so fucking what if people are making creations that were already made before [they] were even born? Are others just supposed to stop creating because some other person out of the million blogs already happened to create it years before their time?

Vertseta I always love when new ppl in the community try to make something whole new, ya know? Everything you make was made before you were even born. Girl, I’m 15 years in this shit, you think you can impress me whatever you do? My air is inadabromance and black-le, guys with whole new concepts.

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If i find a blog that so much as looks like it follows those beliefs i will block it. Nazis, youre not welcome here. Is it that time of year again. No offense, Americans, but your impeachment process is a fucking joke. Imagine a trial where half the jury members are the defendant’s friends and co-workers and the other half are the prosecutor’s friends and co-workers, and the verdict is decided based on their vote.

In any normal trial this jury would be disqualified, but in a Senate trial this is the only option. We definitely didn’t know that! American Government engages in steep cronyism and corruption in the course of exploiting American citizens.

Non-American Hot Takers hey americans did you know th.

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Tumblr’s CEO, david, and President Obama discussing education at the White House. Tumblr tumblr at the white house obama david karp. Notes Jun 10th, The peoples of tumblr the gerbils that turn the machine! Source chewybagel tumblr hack. Coub is YouTube for video loops. You can take any video, trim the best part, combine with other videos, add soundtrack. It might be a funny scene, movie quote, animation, meme or a mashup of multiple sources.

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You’re allowed to repost the prompt on other social medias where I haven’t posted it myself so NO instagram, tumblr or deviantart and, please keep the credits. Of course reblogs and other ways of sharing like insta stories are always welcome! Pour les francophones pur jus, vous pouvez aussi tagger avec Fevrier et Fevrier. The hottest men around on the Internet Insta restaurante-tagoror.com if you want something taken down just ask.

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Beauty-and-the-dark-one The mashup you never thought would work. I would pay so much to have this as a ringtone I’m not even joking. The face I made while listening to this was so visceral I had to draw it before reblogging it. Odd Future's official online merchandise and retail store.

Fans can purchase exclusive items from special collections, outerwear, tees, shoes, swim, skate, and more. There was only one thing she could do to him.

Those low-hanging testicles would be nothing but mush in a few short minutes. Already, she felt herself start to get wet at the thought. Masturbating in the shower after the fight was just as good as an actual fuck, right? It had been so long since she’d actually had a man but no. Today wasn’t the day for that. The Ice Queen couldn’t fuck men in the ring. Sofia stretched her arm over her shoulders, and his eyes grew wide.

He would’ve been undressing her with his eyes if she wasn’t already naked.